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Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Get Ahead To Have A Memorable
Vacation With Comfort Living

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Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Get Ahead To Have A Memorable
Vacation With Comfort Living

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MM Hotels is a pan-Indian hospitality company. Our high-quality portfolio of hotels and resorts is primarily located in Northern India. 

Some vacations are a little more special, and people like to capture the moments to mark the special joyous moments. Well, luxury and comfort at a place seem like a dream during the trips, but MMHotels bring this dream to life. We offer the best to our customers, which has been in our veins from day one to bring out the experience that every guest remembers for years. MMHotels is a name to rely upon when travelers wish to get an enchanting and surplus experience that can help them to relish the beauty of different places across India.

We help uncover the 5-star experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Over the last 3 decades, the MMHotels has expanded its branch to become a name in the hospitality industry with 9-hotels that speak for themselves in different locations across India and many others.

We Are Your Trusted Destination

The MM Hotels brand of hotels may be found throughout India. Many of our portfolio's five-star hotels and resorts are explicitly located in the northern part of India. Our primary areas of expertise are in the marketing, licensing, development, and management of upmarket, upper-upscale, and lifestyle hotels. MM Hotels are known for its lively decor, which features artwork, high-end furnishings, and lush landscaping inside and out. At MM Hotels, we provide a variety of services that are easily accessible, like online hotel reservations, guided tours and excursions, pickup & drop-off assistance at Bus and train stops, and many more comparable features.

We are committed corporate

New expectations for business travelers have inspired us to become not simply enthusiastic hosts but also open, honest, and forward-thinking commercial partners. So, we'll hear you out, assess your needs, and provide just what you're looking for. Since trust and confidence are crucial to a productive working relationship, we strive to deliver both to our clients. In addition, we possess a wide variety of function halls that may be modified to match your needs in size, facilities, and service levels.

We are always available to you

Each new day allows us to hone our skills and refine our offerings. To that end, we will be firmly present to assist you in every possible way we can should you encounter any difficulties or have to make any adjustments to your planned itinerary. Knowing that we're there for you during times of need is the best feeling in the world. All that drives us is the assurance that you will have the optimal holiday experience at your chosen place.

Why should you select us?

We place a high priority on our core principles and make significant investments to provide the conditions necessary for an enjoyable stay. Here is why you must choose us:

Our Group

Our major objective is to provide you with an interesting and enjoyable vacation by building bespoke itineraries based on your interests. We like establishing pleasant relationships with our guests and exchanging smiles and light banter. We never forget what Paolo loves and what annoys Sophia, and we would gladly fulfill and even anticipate your demands.

Our Residence

Our guests say we feel like heaven, an oasis of tranquility - gorgeous as if it had a true soul.
We are overjoyed because we put our heart and soul into our job, paying attention to every detail and ensuring that our rooms are clean on a daily basis.


If you prefer city life, come to visit us. Our hotel is near the city center, and you may enjoy the wonderful swimming pool and sun loungers. There's no rush to find a parking spot.
We recommend renting a car to explore the lovely scenery; alternatively, a shuttle service is provided to reach the city.

Feeding Service

Looking at our breakfast buffet, many people said, ``it's really a lot,`` and grinned. Maybe Lucia, the breakfast cook, would accompany me to the failure, but we both agree that the buffet would be sad otherwise. Our chef strikes me as humble and helpful, never saying 'no' to our customers' wishes.


Discover our


Hotel that is both leisure and corporate-friendly! Another hectic day at the office was spent in between meetings, emails, and phone calls! Or, finally, the long-awaited city break! And, of course, a bottle of wine and a superb steak at our restaurant at the end of the day!

MMHotels has a number of unique properties spread across India, and their environments and experiences are designed to allow guests to concentrate on feeling present in mind, nourished in body, and revitalized in spirit. We also offer a variety of options.



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