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Manali is a lovely place that has plenty to offer in every season. Summers see Manali transform into a haven from the plains’ scorching heat, while winters see the town dressed in an elegant robe of white snow. Manali tourism is quite stunning, and it is a must-see destination. Manali is a sustainable and visited white utopia with verdant landscapes, snow-covered mountains, and meandering roads. Visit and reside in the best resorts in Manali.


When is the best time to visit Manali?


September–February: The monsoons stop in September, and winter begins in October. Winter temperatures can drop to -1 °C, so bring enough woolen for the cold evenings. Paragliding, rafting, walking, and mountain excursions in the Solang Valley are ideal now. Honeymooners love December to January because of the snow and mountain scenery. Adventure skiers should go now and book 3-star hotels in Manali.

From March through June, summer arrives with excellent weather. Summer nights may require light woolens due to temperatures ranging from 10°C to 25°C.

July–August: Heavy monsoon rains in Manali can cause landslides. Since many travelers avoid this period, hotel costs plummet in the such hotel in Manali near mall road.


Places to Explore in Manali


Hadimba Temple


This historic temple, also known as Hidimba Devi Temple and Dhungari Temple, was established by Maharaja Bahadur Singh in 1553. The temple is devoted to Hidimba Devi, Bhima’s wife, as the name implies.


Solang Valley


Solang Nala, a tiny valley roughly 8400 feet above sea level, is a short drive from Manali. It is a mecca for adventure and sports enthusiasts, and while there, you may test your talents on a pair of skis or go snowmobiling.


Jogini Waterfalls


The thundering cascades of Jogini Falls are a short and exhilarating journey from Manali’s main town. The route to the waterfall is beautiful, with views of the River Beas and the snow-capped peaks of Rohtang. Apart from the tranquil scenery, Jogini is also a popular pilgrimage site, with several antique shrines clustered around the pool at the bottom.


Manu Temple


The Manu Temple is named after an ancient sage. The shrine’s pagoda-style construction shines out among the vast valleys and mountain peaks, offering a postcard-worthy background.


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We at MMHotels are the best hotels in Manali and will assist you in making that selection by outlining what each season has to offer. We have included all the information you may require to select the best time to visit. You will also find a list of measures to take before and during your journey with our hotels in Manali.

Frequently Asked Quesitions

Located in Himachal's lap, the sun's dancing rays cut through the whites of this hamlet and give way to the greens. The summer season brings new life to Manali, with the days being delightfully warm and the nights bringing some cool air. As a result, summer is the most outstanding season to visit Manali. The pleasant weather also allows you to indulge your inner adventurer by participating in rafting, paragliding, and hiking sports.

This popular tourist location is busiest at this time of year because of the beautiful weather and the numerous distinctive festivals and events fundamental to this hamlet's culture. The Doongri forest festival, organized by ladies dressed in traditional garb as a devotion to their deity Hadimba Devi, is the season's highlight. If you visit Manali in May, you might be able to see this lively age-old custom. The Hadimba Devi festival is a fantastic site for believers and photographers to capture the dazzling ambiance surrounding them.

This time of year is filled with events and humming with tourists since it is peak season. With this hills wonderland studded with beautiful landscapes in full bloom, various sightseeing and adventure activities are available, particularly during the day.

With the tourist season in full force, be wary of pricey tickets and lodging. As a result, make sure you buy your tickets well in advance. Furthermore, because this hamlet has a naturally calm environment, the nights may get chilly and send shivers down your spine.